What Makes an Exceptional Merchandiser?

What makes an Exceptional Merchandiser?

1.  Great relationship builder – it is vital to have strong relationships with in-store staff. Great relationships are crucial to ensuring your products are in prominent positions, quickly and efficiently merchandised, and replenished effectively – even between visits.

2.  Effective decision-making – experience counts here! Sometimes decisions need to be made quickly – critical thinking and excellent problem solving are essential.

3.   Brand knowledge – A great merchandiser will learn all about your products and why your products are the best, then continually pass this information on to retail staff. A recommendation from a retail salesperson can hugely impact your sales. Think of your merchandisers as your brand ambassadors!

4.    Analytical skills – a good analysis of sales trends, future demand and supply will mean your stock levels are always at optimum levels.

5.     Excellent communication – every step of the way, communication is vital. Within stores, with fellow team members and the client, information must be quickly shared and easily understood

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