3 Reasons to Outsource Your Merchandising

Outsourcing your merchandising can be the key to increased sales!

#1 - Add a nationwide team to your business without expensive overheads - Using an expert team of merchandisers ensures your products are always optimised for increased sales! 

Running a team of merchandisers is an expensive business; in order to cover all of New Zealand, with consistent visits, would mean a large staff, with a number of associated costs. Then, of course, you have holidays to cover, absences for illness, etc.

When you outsource to the right team, both your peak selling times and quieter periods can be managed with ease. Need more visits in-store during a high sales period? Simple - increase the call cycle for just that period, maximising your sales!

Our skilled team can spring into action with minimal warning, so even those unexpected sales peaks can be managed easily. No need to invest in a temporary workforce; this is expensive, time-consuming and your transient team most likely will not have the skillset you require.

The same can apply for a quiet off-peak season; your call cycle can be adjusted, reducing costs at a time when savings are essential to your bottom line!

#2 Save your time - Training, administration, reporting - it all takes time! Running a team of merchandisers throughout the country can take up valuable chunks of your day - time you could devote to other areas of your business.

With a crack team of merchandisers in place and a management team determined to bring you results, you can focus on other valuable projects

#3 The best resultsevery time - Experienced merchandising specialists are what you need in the fiercely competitive retail environment. Expert teams can ensure you are making every sale possible. Not only merchandising your stock on currently allocated shelves but also looking for promotional opportunities and building crucial relationships with store staff.

These relationships are critical to ensuring your brand is always top of mind with all sales staff. Our team is always looking for opportunities to help floor staff learn more of the features and benefits that make your products stand out from the crowd. These teams are also well placed to watch your competitor's activity and report vital information to your business.

We can create a bespoke plan for your business, contact us today!

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